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Six Tell-Tale Signs Your Gutters Need to Be Cleaned

Gutters are a crucial part of your home, as they direct water away from your home and prevent damage, such as cracks in the foundation and dry rot. If you don’t have a service plan that automatically takes care of this for you in peak seasons, here are a few signs that can tell you when it is time to clean your gutter system.

Leaves and Debris

Leaves, twigs, and other random debris travel down the gutter during rainstorms or strong winds. These items can clog your gutter, work their way into the system, and attract pests or even plants that can cause structural damage to your home.

Staining and Mildew

Any signs of water stains or mildew on the roof could be a sign that there is standing water in your gutter system. This can eventually cause damage to your roof, fascia boards, shingles, or the foundation of your home.


Small animals, like squirrels and mice, can use your gutter system as a warm home. If your gutters are warm and dry, the animals may have babies, which can attract the attention of bigger, scarier animals, like snakes or feral cats. If you notice signs that animals are living in your gutter system, contact a professional gutter cleaning company.

Plant Growth

If you have a layer of leaves, dirt, and debris in your gutter system, you are well past the time to clean out your gutters. This is because a build-up of leaves and dirt in your gutter makes way for plant life to grow.  For plants to grow in your gutters, there has to be a layer of leaves, dirt, and debris for them to take root. Dirt and seeds blow into your gutters from the surrounding environment. In time, this clogs up the area, creating the perfect environment for plant growth.

Sagging Gutters

Leaves, debris, and water can be very heavy. Eventually, gutters can sag or detach from your home’s roof. That could lead to significant damage to your home. The cycle is undeniable: it’s a never-ending barrage of damage. If you notice pulling, sagging, or complete detachment, you might need to repair or replace your gutters.

Roof Damage

One of the biggest problems a homeowner can face is a leaking roof. This is an obvious sign that your gutters are blocked, and you can’t ignore signs for long. If your gutters are blocked, then rain won’t have anywhere to drain to. This causes the inevitable buildup on your roof, which could leak into your home. The solution to this problem is a gutter cleaning service before the buildup occurs because fixing your roof will cost much more than a comprehensive gutter cleaning service.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you determine when your gutters need to be cleaned. As you can see, it’s rather easy to know when you need to clean your gutters as long as you know what you’re looking for. Be sure to keep everything that you’ve learned here in mind so that you can take the necessary steps to take care of your home.

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