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Prepare Your Home for Winter with These Helpful Steps

Changing climate conditions can cause damage to your home, especially when approaching the winter months. Here are helpful steps to prepare for colder climates, including regular home maintenance and domestic window cleaning!

Check the Boiler

If your boiler’s pilot light is out, check the boiler manual or the side of the boiler to find out how to relight it. You may also want to have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safety-registered engineer, so you are less likely to have carbon monoxide leaking into your home, which is a risk at any time of the year.

Ensure Your Heating Works

As the weather gets colder, ensuring your heating system is in good working order is important. Bleed your radiators, check your boiler, and dust off any vents or filters. These help you avoid any problems when the weather gets really cold.

Survey Windows and Doors

You may have left windows open to let in some fresh air (and a cool breeze) during the summer. However, now that winter is coming, it’s time to make sure all your windows are shut tight to save on your heating bill. 

Additionally, check if there are any gaps around your windows and doors so you can seal them and reduce draughts (and heating costs). You may also want to get some domestic window cleaning done to see from the inside out.

Get the Chimney Swept

The colder weather can be tough on your chimney, so it’s important to get it swept before winter starts. This will help prevent any damage the winter weather might cause, especially ventilation blockage due to soot accumulation or cracked bricks and mortar due to absorbed water freezing and cracking from beneath the surface.

Insulate All Pipes

Lagging your pipes essentially means wrapping them in a material that keeps heat in and prevents the pipes from freezing over and potentially bursting. This can greatly reduce energy costs associated with heating your home and prevent any costly or disruptive damage that frozen or burst pipes could cause.

Keep an Eye Out for Your Pipes, as Well

If the water in your pipes freezes, it may cause them to burst and cause extensive damage. You may have to move house temporarily while repairs are underway, which can be costly. Prevent that by:

  • Monitoring cracks or holes in your exterior walls could allow cold air to reach your pipes. Address these gaps promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Maintaining the heat at a low temperature (above 4°C) when you’re away from home. This will help keep the temperature around the pipes consistent and prevent them from freezing.

Look at Your Guttering

It is important to clear all debris from your gutters to prevent a build-up of ice and snow. Even if the precipitation eventually melts, getting this step out of the way may prevent your gutters from collapsing under the combined weight of the ice, snow, and rubbish.

Start Using the Stopcock

When pipes burst, use the stopcock to turn off cold water and minimise further damage.


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