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How Your Dirty Windows Can Also Be a Health Hazard

When it comes to health concerns, dirty windows are one of the most surprising ones you may encounter. The majority of the population does not consider dirty windows a safety threat at all. Sadly, this is a common misconception. Dirty windows provide several different health risks.

This article will list down the health risks you expose yourself to with dirty windows.

Dust Accumulation

The windows are common places for dust to build up. Sneezing, eye discomfort, coughing, and asthmatic episodes can all be triggered by dust particles in the air when you open or walk by a dirty window. Chronic bronchitis may result from long-term exposure to dust particles, harming your lungs over time.

The Growth of Dust Mites

Dust is not your only problem with dirty windows—you’ll also attract some pests. Dust mites can become a problem in a home where there is a lot of dust. Ticks and spiders are closely related to these tiny arthropods. The faeces of these bugs are a significant source of indoor allergies.

Much like dust itself, dust mites can induce respiratory problems in humans. These pests can greatly inconvenience people with asthma.

Mould Growth

Because mould thrives in warm, wet environments, condensation on your windows is an ideal breeding ground for the fungus.

Mould may be developing on windows and windowsills if there are any dark brown or black streaks or stains. Mould may grow through the inside section of a window and go undetected in some situations.

For respiratory illnesses and allergies to be reduced, you must discover an effective method of eliminating mould from windows.

Professional window cleaners are usually needed to get rid of this. The most efficient approach to removing mould from windows and making your workplace a healthy and safe place is to hire a window cleaning service.

Allergic Reactions

Having dirty windows and windowsills might pose a more significant health hazard than you think.

Various allergenic responses are caused by the buildup of dust, hair, skin, pollen, and other pollutants on and around your windows. These allergic reactions include coughing, runny nose, nausea, itchy eyes, headache, coughing, and fatigue.

If you have an office with dusty windows, your employees may often take time off for being sick due to these allergic reactions.

Allowing Harmful UV Light In

Just because a room is dim doesn’t mean that the sun’s harmful UV rays aren’t entering it. The amount of natural light that enters a room is reduced by up to 40% when the windows are dirty. However, this still allows UV rays to enter, which can cause eye damage and premature ageing in the long run.

The poor lighting conditions due to dirty windows can also cause various health problems such as eye strain, headaches, lethargy, and troubles with focus.

Having your workers displeased with the lighting conditions in your workplace can also adversely influence morale. They may suffer eye strain or eye discomfort due to insufficient illumination, and they may feel exhausted as a result.


Not having clean windows does not just make them look ugly. It can also be a health hazard. The health risks mentioned here are just a few of the potential threats posed by dirty windows. If you want to protect your family and employees from these threats, you should hire a professional window cleaning service.

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